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Bathroom Remodel – Vanity

Bathroom Remodel – Vanity

Last summer we began a kitchen remodel. Because we did a lot of it ourselves and hired guys who did work on the side we saved a lot of money but it took us nearly 6 months to complete. Part of the remodel was to replace the existing tile floor. This floor extended from the kitchen into a half bathroom right off the kitchen. That meant we had to replace the floor in that bathroom too. And of course to replace the bathroom floor I had to tear everything out of the bathroom. Consequently, the bathroom got remodeled too.

The biggest issue with remodeling this bathroom is the size. It is so small we were really limited with what we could replace the vanity with. My original plan was to custom build a vanity but after 6 months of remodel I didn’t have the energy or want to take the time so I started looking for something prebuilt. But I could find anything I liked that would fit. Then I had the idea of taking a small dresser or an accent cabinet and modifying it to be a vanity. It didn’t take me long to find exactly what I was looking for.

I ordered this cabinet from Wayfair. I assembled it and then brought it into the bathroom to figure out how I would need to modify it so the plumbing would fit in the cabinet.

I also purchased this porcelain vessel sink and this waterfall spout faucet. I had all the pieces and now I just need to fit them all together.

After seeing where the plumbing needed to go I developed a plan. First thing I need to do was to partially disassemble the cabinet. Then I cut the middle shelf so that instead of spanning the entire width of the cabinet it only spanned a little under halfway. I used half inch plywood to make the modification. I took a piece of the cabinet to a local hardware store and search through their paint samples until I found one that matched almost perfectly. I used that to paint the plywood.

Once everything was re-assembled it was time for a dry fit. I brought the vanity back into the bathroom and fit it in place and then fit the sink and faucet. From their I determined where I needed to drill the holes in order to plumb the sink and faucet. I used a forstner bit to drill the holes in the top of the cabinet. Then it was time for final installation.

I will have a separate video on the plumbing. I’m no plumber and don’t have the tools to do it the way a plumber would so I had to find parts specifically for the DIYer like myself. I found the Snappy Trap and have used in successfully in other projects so I purchased one for this one. Unfortunately, the drain size was different and in a little bit of an awkward location so I also had to purchase a flexible drain pipe. I also used this plumber’s putty, that I had left over from another project, to help seal up the drain. If you know what you are doing with PVC you could do this plumbing for a lot less but these tools worked great for me.

The last thing I needed to do was to figure out how to keep the doors closed. Changing the shelf removed the magnet that was originally used to keep them closed. Now there wasn’t any good way to mount that magnet. Not only that, the right hand door didn’t have anything to stop it inside the cabinet. To fix this I took a scrap piece of wood, painted it, and then nailed it in place. I drilled two small holes where I could inset a couple magnets. Then I mounted the metal plates at the top of the doors where they would be caught by the magnets.

One step I didn’t mention is sealing up the sink. I used Lexel caulk to seal around the base of the sink and I also used it to seal around the holes I drilled in the top. And after all that it was done. It was actually pretty simple project and turned out great.