How to Make a Barstool for Around $3

I like to do projects I call “One board builds.” A one board build is a project that I can complete using one piece of lumber. This is one of those projects.

I built an entire barstool out of one 8 foot 2×6 piece of lumber. You can typically buy a 2×6 for around $3. With screws and finishing you can build the barstool in the following video for less than $10. Now I know not everyone has the time, tools, or desire to do a project like this but you still might like one of these barstools. If you are one of those people and you are in Northwest Washington State, I will have a few for sale for $95 each (I know the materials are a lot less expensive but I put a lot of time into building and finishing these). If you are elsewhere in the country I will have kits available that you can assemble yourself. If you are interested please email me at

  1. I really enjoyed your video and would like to make a set for our island. But I can’t find the next video you spoke of on finishing the bar stool. Could you please tell me how you finished the pocket holes on the back of the stool.

    Thank you

    JoAnn Duggan

  2. I would love to download the PDF file of your one 2×6 cut list that you created in the video.

    • Thank you for your interest Jeff. I’ve been using this barstool since I made this video and it has worked pretty well. However, I never got around to releasing the file for this. Since I made this and have been using it I’ve found there are some changes I need to make to improve it. In the next couple months I’m hoping to release an updated video with a PDF of the cut list.

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