How to make Christmas Stocking Hangers

My wife often sends me “pins” on Pinterest with things she would like me to make. I don’t mind because I love to make stuff and I love having a reason to make stuff. These stocking hangers are one of those “pins” she recently sent me.

Typically, I take a look at the project once or twice and then head out to make it adding my own ideas and incorporating the tools and supplies I have on hand. These stocking hangers are similar to the original but I’ve done a few of my own things. Here is a link to the original:

These are made out of 2×6 boards and I used some scrap wood I picked up for free from a local tractor supply company. I made two of them so here was my cut list:

2 – 2×6 6 inches long

2 – 2×6 4 inches long

The 4 inch pieces are the base and the 6 inch pieces are attached vertically with pocket holes. I made my own hooks with my 3d printer (file here on thingiverse:

Here is a video on YouTube of the full build:

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